Princess Firyal of Jordan
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HRH Princess Firyal of Jordan, founder of the International Hope Foundation (UNESCO)

Foundation Statement

he Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims that everyone has a right to education. Yet there are more than 100 million children worldwide, who are struggling for their survival, destitute and in distress, separated from their families. They are street and working children who are in danger of injury and murder, violence, rape, sexual exploitation, drugs, hunger, solitude, forced labour, AIDS and other diseases.

These children are denied the right to learn. Most have never been to school or have received but a poor education. Out Foundation is committed to helping these children. We believe that these children should have a chance for a better future. Education is the only route to improving their lives.

Our objectives are to provide appropriate basic education to street children, to make the public more aware of their educational needs and to raise funds to provide material help wherever possible. Until now governments have been exceptionally ineffective in reaching street children. The International Hope Foundation are fully deductible for U.S. taxes, and administrative costs are kept to the bare minimum so that the maximum possible of donated funds are made directly available to projects benefiting street children.

In collaboration with UNESCO, the United Nations Agency in charge of education, the Foundation supports individuals and projects who, at the grassroots level, have developed new, effective ways of bringing education to children abandoned by society and unreached by the traditional school system. Whether it is “School Readiness” programmes for the very young, classes for street and working children, projects targeting isolated minorities, these programmes make a difference and have demonstrable impact.

Political leaders must show that they are serious about the issue, and willing to embark on a large scale action to provide a quality education for these children. There is no way in which these children, abandoned, exploited and ill treated, can call for help is our ability to react. Without this, numbers could double in the next generation. Let us make a difference.